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Rutherford Business Builders is a professional networking group where members are dedicated to bettering their careers through the exchange of qualified business referrals. We give and get real business referrals and support local business owners and professionals.

Rutherford Business Builders meets each Thursday at 11 a.m. Guests are welcome to attend.
Weekly Meetings are held at Parthenon Grille, 1962 S. Church Street in Murfreesboro.

Our Members represent a variety of industries across middle Tennessee striving to maintain the highest standards of business practices for their customers. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & SEE OUR RECENT MEMBERSHIP PICNIC PHOTOS!

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For more information, please email info@rutherfordbusinessbuilders.com

If you'd like to speak with a member, please call
Tina Murrill, RBB President
(931) 205-7492
Braden Hunsicker, Membership
(615) 483-6869

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